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Say hello to a new life with the experience of more than 20 years of Europe's largest healthcare group and a team that has performed over 4500 surgeries!

Our doctors are trained and awarded in laparoscopic surgery, one of the medical faculties that train the most important doctors in weight loss treatments in Turkey.


The most preferred procedure in our center is WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY (GASTRIC SLEEVE). Then comes the GASTRIC BALLOON and GASTRIC B0T0X. We are one of the limited institutions that use the latest technology (next generation) Tri-Staple™ device in surgeries.

To get information about the new generation weight loss treatments, click below and send a message and we will reach you on WhatsApp as soon as possible!


Who Say Hello to a New Life Obesity Survivors Series

Medicalpark Hospital Turkey The Heart of Obesity Treatments

Medicalpark Hospital Turkey accepts patients in all branches with its world-class advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, patient-oriented excellent hotel services, and expert and academic physician staff.

With its 7 operating theaters and more than 300 employees in a closed area of 20 thousand m², it offers solutions to all health and well-being needs with its technological infrastructure and up-to-date treatment methods. In addition, 29 adults, 4 coronary, 5 cardiovascular; Intensive care service is provided with a total of 68 active beds.

In this personalized service, where the comfort of patients and their relatives is prioritized, the comfort of a 5-star hotel is created. It is positioned among the special services that patients and their relatives can easily access, such as television where domestic and foreign channels can be watched in all rooms, internet service, patient-specific diet menu, places of worship, parking lot, valet.

Patients Living Abroad How is the Operation Process?


Our patients, who live abroad and want to be treated, establish the first communication with our expert coordinators via our WhatsApp numbers and listen to the process. Patients who decide on the operation process and have the appropriate qualifications for the operation take the first step for treatment by informing our coordinators at least before 2 weeks.

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Happy Patients Mrs. Nezahat (57)

Happy Patients Mrs. Vildan (52)

New Generation Gastric Sleeve Tri-Staple™ Technology

Lose Weight Without Surgery and Without Starving! MIRACLE METHOD GASTRIC-B0T0X!

It has been observed that our patients lost an average of 15%-20% of weight with the GASTRIC-B0T0X.

You will not feel hungry. According to the data kept around the world for the last 3 years, it is a method that more than 17 thousand people use and are satisfied with.

After about 4-5 months, THE GASTRIC-B0T0X will deflate naturally. As your stomach shrinks, you continue to lose weight!